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Why making good apps is hard: Part 1


At PsyberGuide, our goal is to evaluate apps from all perspectives. It is critical that an app has a sound science-based approach toward improving mental health, but it is also critical that an app is not frustrating to use – it is fast, responsive, doesn’t crash, and avoids all of the other common frustrations for […]

Brain Futures conference


BrainFutures 2015: Exploring New Frontiers to Improve Brain Health & Optimize the Mind’s Potential is an upcoming conference that will cover many of the new developments in brain technologies and neuroscience. There is also a BrainFutures Expo with hands-on access to new technologies. Hosted by the Mental Health Association of Maryland, the conference is  November […]

The state of bi-polar apps


I recently came across a very interesting paper that I think points out the timely need for PsyberGuide and its mission to objectively review apps for mental illness. The paper is entitled: “Mobile Apps for Bipolar Disorder: A Systematic Review of Features and Content Quality,” published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The study […]