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The Promise of Technology: Efficient Systems, Better Care, and Improved Outcomes

Kennedy Forum

I participated in this panel at the Kennedy Forum National Conference on June 9 in Boston. I gave an overview of PsyberGuide and our efforts to provide unbiased information on the usefulness and quality of digital applications for mental health. I described our most recent summary of the PsyberGuide internal rating system, the availability of […]

App Curation and Prescription Services for Providers


While PsyberGuide is intended to be a service that gives information about apps and software marketed directly to consumers, there is a growing trend in the industry to develop “curation services” for providers or health care systems. In these systems, apps are evaluated or rated and providers that sign up for the service can e-prescibe […]

Take off: The End of ESCoNS 2015


As ESCoNS 2015 winds down, it is time to step back and assess what I will be taking home with me. With a serious h/t to Zack Lynch, Adam Gazzaley, Sophia Vinogradov, and Mor Nahum, I want to thank everyone who worked together to make ESCoNS 2015 happen. This was a great conference, and I […]