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The state of bi-polar apps


I recently came across a very interesting paper that I think points out the timely need for PsyberGuide and its mission to objectively review apps for mental illness. The paper is entitled: “Mobile Apps for Bipolar Disorder: A Systematic Review of Features and Content Quality,” published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The study […]

Electronic Case Management Techniques


A lot has been written in recent years about “access to care” problems for people with mental illnesses. For example, we know that a large sector of the United States lacks professionals who can treat mental disorders  and according to a recent report by Merritt Hawkins, psychiatry as a medical specialty has one of the […]

The Promise of Technology: Efficient Systems, Better Care, and Improved Outcomes

Kennedy Forum

I participated in this panel at the Kennedy Forum National Conference on June 9 in Boston. I gave an overview of PsyberGuide and our efforts to provide unbiased information on the usefulness and quality of digital applications for mental health. I described our most recent summary of the PsyberGuide internal rating system, the availability of […]