Product information

The product guide contains information on the individual apps.

New technologies

Technologies for mental health other than apps are covered here.


Research sources for each product are listed in the product guide. Here is a listing of research studies organized by condition.


Some recommended videos describing studies and research.

Other resources

My Brain TestMyBrainTest is a research and advisory service for the cognitive health assessment and testing market, and the larger neurodiagnostic industry. They provide an independent source of information on brain health screening tests for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and brain injuries such as sports concussion and stroke.

Dr John Torous, Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, interviews Dr. Michael Knable of PsyberGuide about the art of rating mental health apps on Psychiatric Times

Marty Nemko of NPR San Francisco interviews Dr. Michael Knable of PsyberGuide about mental health apps, with a focus on the effect of mental health on careers.


beyondblue is an Australian informational website for individuals who think they may have issues related to depression, anxiety, or suicide. beyondblue is unique in that it provides specialized information for individuals from various cultures and stages of life (e.g. young adults, new parents, older adults). It also has resources and guidance for friends, family, and others who may be living with or supporting someone with depression, anxiety, or suicidal urges. beyondblue exists primarily as a source of basic facts about these mental health issues and does not provide any direct service or interventions. Additionally, it is designed for individuals living in Australia and the surrounding territories, and therefore some of its functions will not be applicable to users living in outside areas (for example, a feature that locates mental health practitioners). Nonetheless, beyondblue may be a good starting place for individuals who are interested in learning more about depression, anxiety, and suicide: the basic facts it offers are free and can be used by anyone.

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