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PsyberGuide uses three criteria to review mental health apps.


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The Credibility Score represents the strength of the scientific research support for the app itself, and the therapeutic interventions the app provides.

User Experience

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Our collaborators use the Mobile App Rating Scale (MARS) to assess the design, accessibility of information, and overall experience that the app provides.


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The Transparency score represents the clarity of an app's privacy policy in detailing the data storage and collection procedures of a mobile health product and its associated servers.

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PsyberGuide is a non-profit organization, with a mission to help consumers choose effective and accessible mobile health technologies. Support our efforts with a tax-deductible donation.

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PsyberGuide Executive Director Dr. Stephen Schueller spoke to the Wall Street Journal about digital interventions and how PsyberGuide can help the public know which digital tools to trust. Read the full article here

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Meet The Team

Meet the people behind the screen.
Stephen Schueller
Stephen Schueller

Executive Director

Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine, Northwestern University, Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies

Martha Neary
Martha Neary

Project Coordinator

Kristen O'Loughlin
Kristen O'Loughlin

PsyberGuide Correspondent

    Stephen Cognetta
    Stephen Cognetta

    PsyberGuide Correspondent

      Diana Steakley-Freeman
      Diana Steakley-Freeman

      Systems & Web Developer, PsyberGuide Correspondent

      Victoria Pickering
      Victoria Pickering

      Project Consultant

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        Northwestern University"
        Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies"

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