Anxiety/Panic Tracker is a web-based program designed to allow users to track the signs and symptoms of anxiety and panic over time. It is hosted by, an online community where users can join networks, post in forums on various health topics, and add users as ‘friends’.

Users sign into (or sign up for) their MedHelp profile to create a new Anxiety/Panic Tracker. On the tracker dashboard, users select who the tracker is for (the user or someone else) and who it is visible to (user only, user’s friends, or everyone). Users can customize the tracker themes and how often they are reminded to update their tracker (never, monthly, weekly, or daily). When a tracker is created, users add data by selecting a particular day of the month. Data added can include; a rating of anxiety severity (on a scale of one to 10); symptoms (for example anger, anxiety, blood pressure increase, chest pain); treatments engaged in (for example anti-anxiety medication, CBT); and triggering events. The tracker provides a visualization of the data to track anxiety across each month.

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Overall Score: 0.70/5.00

Total score: 2/14

Basis of research: 0/3
Source of funding for the research: 0/2
Specificity of proposed intervention: 1/3
Number of consumer ratings: 1/3
Product advisory support:  0/1
Software support:  0/2

date of rating: June 2016

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User Experience

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Overall Score: Questionable

Does the app have a privacy policy?:Yes

Does the privacy policy describe the information storage and sharing procedures related to user entered information?:Yes

Does the privacy policy state that the app/server encrypts OR de-identifies the entered data?:No/Can’t Tell

Does the app provide the option of a pin entry or log-in process to view and enter user data?:Yes

Does the privacy policy state that users can use the app WITHOUT entering identifiable information?:Yes

Does the privacy policy state that users can delete entered information?:Yes

Does the privacy policy state that users can edit entered information?:Yes

Overall Score: Unacceptable

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More Information

Available for: Computers (PCs and Macs) and mobile devices
Company: MedHelp
Classification: Symptom Tracker
Targeted conditions:  Stress & Anxiety
Target demographic: Adolescents and Adults
Special provider necessary: No, but recommended
Non-English Language versions available: No
Where to get it: MedHelp