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This application allows users to journal their thoughts to help people manage  anxiety, depression, and/or PTSD. Users  type thoughts into a free text box, and rate their mood with an emoji. The app also includes features such as cloud data storage to save data permanently, a security PIN to prevent unauthorized access to data, and a premium mode that will remove advertisements in the app.

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Overall Score: 1.42/5.00

Research Base: 0/3
Research Funding: 0/2
Proposed intervention: 3
Consumer Ratings: 1/3
Clinical input in development: 0/1
Software updates: 1/2

Total Score: 2/14

Date of Rating: January 2018

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More Information

Available for: Android 4.2+
Developer: Adventuroo Apps
Type of Treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Principles
Targeted Conditions: Stress & Anxiety
Target Audience: Not specified
Designed to be used in conjunction with a healthcare professional: No
Languages Available: English
Get it on: Google Play

Research on this App

There is no direct scientific research on the effectiveness of CBT – Worry Thought Journal

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