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Cove builds instrumental music to match an individual’s mood (ranging from gentle, clouded, playful, longing, calm, to struggling). It may be most helpful for those experiencing stressful scenarios in which verbal expression does not seem to be effective. The app is founded on the idea of expressive therapy – improving one’s emotional and mental health through self-expression. This integrative approach for emotional expression attempts to capture and illuminate the complex mixture of feelings and subjective perceptions that oftentimes accompany mood. The initial mood rhythm is supplemented by bases and melodic patterns with a filter as a finishing touch. This degree of variation allows for layered generation of “mood music” with the opportunity to assign emotional buttons and written details before being archived in a music journal. Cove can be utilized at any time to track and express emotions and was developed primarily for adolescents, but is appropriate for use by all age groups.

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Overall Score: 2.14/5.00

Overall Score: 6/14

Research Base: 0/3
Research Funding: 1/2
Proposed Intervention: 2/3
Consumer Ratings: 1/3
Clinical Input in Development: 1/1
Software Support: 2/2

Rating Date: June 2019

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User Experience

Objective Quality Score: 4.33/5.00

Subscale scores:
Engagement: 4.70
Functionality: 4.75
Aesthetics: 4.33
Information: 3.53

Subjective quality score: 3.25

Perceived impact score: 2.25

Rating date: November 2017
Rated by: Queensland University

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Not Yet Available

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More Information

Available for: iOS 8.1 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Developer: Humane Engineering Ltd.
Type of Treatment: Mindfulness
Targeted Conditions: Mood disorders
Target Audience: Adolescents, adults
Designed to be used in conjunction with a healthcare professional: No
Languages Available: English
Get it on: iTunes

Research on this App

Cove is currently being evaluated by the National Health Service.