Daylio is an app designed to help users to record and track mood over time. When the user opens the app, it prompts the user to record their mood and current activities. For current activities, the app provides pre-programmed options and a space for free text. The home screen has five tabs: Entries, Stats, “+”, Calendar, and Settings. “Entries” lists all mood entries for the current month. “Stats” displays the user͛s monthly mood chart, mood count, any pattern of a mood associated with certain activities, etc. The plus sign prompts the user to complete a check-in of current mood and activities. The “Calendar” screen provides a color coded calendar to indicate the daily mood or other monthly patterns. “Settings” allows the user to set daily reminders to check-in with the app or to purchase premium and unlock additional features

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Overall Score: 2.10/5.00
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User Experience

Objective Quality Score: 4.14/5.00

Subscale scores:
Engagement: 3.8
Functionality: 4.88
Aesthetics: 4.00
Information: 3.88

Subjective quality score: 3.25

Perceived impact score: 3.08

Rating date: February 2018
Rated by: Queensland University

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Overall Score: Questionable

Does the app have a privacy policy?

Does the policy describe the information storage and sharing procedures related to user entered information?

Does the app provide the option of a pin entry or log-in process to view and enter user data?

Does the privacy policy state that the app/server encrypts the entered data?

Does the privacy policy state that users can delete entered information?
No/Can’t Tell

Does the privacy policy state that users can edit entered information?
No/Can’t Tell

Overall: Questionable

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More Information

Available for: iOS 10.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
Android 4.0 or later
Company Name: Relaxio
Classification (Type of Treatment): Cognitive Behavioral Principles, Symptom trackers
Targeted conditions: Mood disorders
Target demographics: Not specified
Special provider necessary: No
Languages Available in: English

Where to get it: iTunes, Google Play