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Depression Treatment is a website and Android app designed to provide educational resources about depression. It provides blog articles and general FAQ pages covering causes, symptoms, and treatment. The user can find information under each of the corresponding pages: treatment, symptoms, FAQ. Alternatively, the Home page lists articles chronologically so that the user can find new articles and blog posts as they are added to the site.

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Overall Score: 0.00/5.00

Overall Score: 0/9

Research Base: 0/3
Research Support: 0/2
Proposed Intervention: 0/3
Clinical Input in Development: 0/1

Rating Date: August 2017

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User Experience

Objective Quality Score: 3.33/5.00

Subscale scores:

Subjective quality score:

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Overall Score: Unacceptable

Overall Score: Unacceptable

Does the app have a privacy policy?:No/Can’t Tell
Does the privacy policy state that the app does not collect data?:No/Can’t Tell

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More Information

Available for: Android 4.0.3 or later, Website
Developer: Durak Bilisim Hizmetleri
Type of Treatment: Psychoeducation/Informational
Targeted Conditions: Mood disorders
Target Audience: Not specified
Designed to be used in conjunction with a healthcare professional: No
Languages Available: English
Get it on: Google Play
Cost: Free

Research on this App

There is no intervention proposed in this application to test the efficacy of. There are no RCTs of which we are aware about benefits from smartphone apps providing psychoeducation about depression.