iChill is an app designed to educate the user on effects of stress on the body, as well as teach core skills to employ while experiencing stress or after a distressing event. There are six sections on the home screen. First, there is “About iChill” which gives an overview of the app. “Resiliency Zone – Before” asks the user to rate their current resiliency level before reading about the app’s core skills. Next the user is prompted to read about the core skills. Once the user has learned about the skills, they are prompted to rate their resiliency level again in “Resiliency Zone – After”. The fifth section “Resiliency Images”, provides four visuals to further explain the concept of resiliency to the user. Finally, the last section “Help Now!” provides 10 tips for managing stress in the moment, as well as two crisis lines to call for extra support. 

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Available for: iOS 5.1 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
Android 2.2 or later
Company Name: Trauma Resource Institute
Classification (Type of Treatment): Mindfulness, Informational (Note: Community Resiliency Model)
Targeted conditions: PTSD, Anxiety & Stress
Target demographics: Adults, Teens, Military Personnel
Special provider necessary: No
Languages Available in: English
Get it on: iTunes, Google Play

Cost: Free