iSleep Easy contains a range of guided meditations to help users fall asleep and sleep better. There are four opening meditations (each is about five minutes in length) and four main meditations (each about ten minutes long). Users can customize the background sound, voice volume and sound volume of each audio track. There are also two ‘special’ meditations; one designed to be used if one wakes up in the middle of the night, and the other which allows the user to combine a custom mix of nature sounds and music. In the ‘Playlists’ section, users can create their own playlists using a combination of audio tracks, or use one of the preset playlists (‘relax into sleep’, ‘deep sleep’, and ‘letting go’). There are also sleep tips advising how to create a more relaxing sleeping environment.

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Overall Score: 3.55/5.00

Research base 1/3
Research support 1/2
Specificity of proposed intervention 3/3
Number of consumer ratings 3/3
Product advisory support 0/1
Software support 2/2

Total 10/14

date of rating:  July 2017

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User Experience

Objective Quality Score: 3.01/5.00

Subscale scores:
Engagement: 2.40
Functionality: 3.63
Aesthetics: 2.33
Information: 3.70

Subjective quality score: 2.13

Perceived impact score: 2.42

Rating date: November 2017
Rated by: Queensland University

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More Information

Available for: Android 5.0 or later; iOS 8.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
Company Name: Meditation Oasis
Classification (Type of Treatment):  Mindfulness
Targeted conditions: Stress & Anxiety; Sleeplessness
Target demographics: Adults
Special provider necessary: No
Languages available in: English
Where to get it: (Links)
Google Play