LightExistence is an Android app intended to address the problems in motivation that contribute to depression. Created by an individual who has experienced depression, LightExistence contains 7 modules for increasing energy and motivation: Diary lets users to write about how they feel and rate any changes in their mood; Test includes brief (9 question) and extended (35 question) scales to help distinguish between various subtypes of depression; Activities prompts users to identify enjoyable activities and rate how effective they are in reducing depressive feelings; Media includes motivational videos and audio to encourage users to be more active; Thought of the Day provides users with provocative thoughts for users to consider throughout the day; Inspirational Quotes contains a wide variety of quotes from influential people throughout history pertaining to depression and motivation; and Resources gives users links to further information about depression and recovery. With this array of tools, LightExistence may be helpful to individuals with mild depressive symptoms. However, it should not be used in place of professional advice or treatment.

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Overall Score: 1.80/5.00

Research base 0/3
Research support 0/2
Specificity of proposed intervention 2/3
Number of consumer ratings 1/3
Product advisory support 0/1
Software support 2/2

Total 5/14

date of rating: June 2016

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User Experience

Objective Quality Score: 3.82/5.00

Subscale scores:
Engagement: 3.00
Functionality: 4.38
Aesthetics: 3.50
Information: 4.40

Subjective quality score: 2.63

Perceived impact score: 2.92

Rating date: August 2016
Rated by: Queensland University

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More Information

Available for: Android devices
Company: Dynames Productions
Classification: Cognitive Behavioral Principles
Targeted conditions: Mood Disorders
Target demographic: Adults
Special provider necessary: No
Non-English Language versions available: No
Where to get it: Google Play