Meditation Experience is designed to give users access to community based meditation experiences, as well as offering individual meditation track downloads for purchase. Users create an account on prior to using the app. Once the user account is activated online, the home screen displays a list of available Free Experiences. Free, 21-day meditation experiences for all users/subscribers are offered periodically through the team. If there are no free experiences currently available, users can purchase meditation tracks or listen to 15-20 minute sample tracks. The app relies on users’ access to the web-browser to make purchases on Chopra.Com that can be accessed and downloaded on a mobile device. The meditations consist of instrumental tracks with narration, performed by television personality Oprah Winfrey, and physician/alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, M.D

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Overall Score: 2.85/5.00
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User Experience

Objective Quality Score: 3.13/5.00

Subscale scores:
Engagement: 2.60
Functionality: 3.75
Aesthetics: 3.67
Information: 2.50

Subjective quality score: 1.75

Perceived impact score: 2.67

Rating date: February 2018
Rated by: Queensland University

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More Information

Available for: iOS 7.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Android 4.1 and up
Company Name: Chopra Enterprises
Classification (Type of Treatment): Mindfulness
Targeted conditions: Stress & Anxiety
Target demographics: Not specified
Special provider necessary: No
Languages Available in: English
Where to get it: iTunes, Google Play

Cost: Free with in-app purchases