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They2ze is an app that seeks to connect users to inclusive health services and peer support for transgender-spectrum youth (TSY) and their providers. They2ze aims to be a Yelp-like source of information that allows users to recommend and rate resources in their local community. The app offers a curated and organized set of local and nationwide Resources based on need (i.e., financial support, employment services, HIV care, support groups, etc.). It also has a speed-dial list of Emergency Resources such as the Crisis Text Line and the Trevor Project, and users can rate or submit resources. They2ze also provides information and education about common experiences for the TSY population through curated articles and videos in order to further educate TSY and those involved in their care and support. By signing up for an optional account, users are able to save favorites and create quickly accessible lists.

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Overall Score: 0.71/5.00

Overall Score: 2/14

Research Base: 0/3
Research Funding: 0/2
Specificity of Proposed Intervention: 0/3
Consumer Ratings: 1/3
Clinical Input in Development: 1/1
Software Support: 0/2

Date of Rating: June 2019

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More Information

Available For: Requires iOS 10.2 or later; Requires Android 5.0 and up.
Developer: YTH
Type of Treatment: Psychoeducation & Information
Targeted Conditions: Not Specified
Target Audience: Adults, Adolescents, Children
Designed to be used in conjunction with a healthcare professional: No, but recommended
Cost:  Free
Get it on: iTunes, Google Play

Research on this App

There is no direct scientific research on the effectiveness of they2ze

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