Breathe2Relax is an app for all mobile devices that teaches a skill called “diaphragmatic breathing” to help users feel more relaxed. Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as “belly breathing,” is a common relaxation skill utilized in a variety of treatments for anxiety and PTSD. Developed by the distinguished National Center for Telehealth and Technology, Breathe2Relax helps users acquire this skill via guided practice sessions. Each session can be customized to change the overall length of the session, the breath rate, and other user preferences. Breathe2Relax also asks users to rate their stress before and after each practice session, graphing these responses to help users keep track of their progress. In addition, the app contains general information on the effects of stress on everyday living. Breathe2Relax can be used either on its own or as part of regular clinical treatment with a mental health provider.

Available for: Mobile devices
Company: T2 (The National Center for Telehealth and Technology)
Classification: Mindfulness
Targeted conditions: Stress & Anxiety
Target demographic: Adults
Special provider necessary: No
Non-English Language versions available: No
Where to get it:
Google Play

Expert ratings and reviews

PsyberGuide rating: The research and support basis of the product

Total score: 8/14

Basis of research: 0/3
Source of funding for the research: 0/2
Specificity of proposed intervention: 2/3
Number of consumer ratings: 3/3
Product advisory support: 1/1
Software support: 2/2

date of rating: June 2016

Explanation of the rating factors

MARS rating

Quality scores range from 1 to 5, where 5 is the maximum score


Objective quality score: 3.98

Subscale scores:

Engagement: 4.00

Functionality: 4.25

Aesthetics: 3.00

Information: 4.67

Subjective quality score: 3.00

Perceived impact score: 3.67


Rated by: Queensland University

Date of rating: August 2016

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Expert review

Read the expert review by Jason Moehringer, PsyD

Research on the product

The research page of the National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2)
While they are a prolific scientific group, none of the articles reviewed specifically listed Breathe2Relax. So, PsyberGuide has not yet identified any available research on this product or its claims.

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