Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help

Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help aims to help users identify and change problematic thinking that can occur with a variety of mental illnesses. In the ‘Cognitive Diary’ section of the app, users record bothersome or problematic events and rate the level of distress the event caused. They list the thoughts that occurred during the event, the percentage of thoughts they believe, and the irrational beliefs they had. Users then identify the positive thoughts they had (e.g. “I handled that well”) and write some positive feedback or outcomes from the event, before rating their distress again. There is also an ‘Articles’ section which provides some information on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a helpful tool for overcoming mental illness.

Available for: Android™ devices
Company: Excel At Life, LLC
Classification: Cognitive Behavioral Principles
Targeted conditions: Mood Disorders, Stress & Anxiety
Target demographic: Adolescents and Adults
Special provider necessary: No
Non-English Language versions available: No
Where to get it:

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PsyberGuide rating: The research and support basis of the product

Total score: 8/14

Basis of research: 0/3
Source of funding for the research: 0/2
Specificity of proposed intervention: 2/3
Number of consumer ratings: 3/3
Product advisory support:  1/1
Software support:  2/2

date of rating: June 2016

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MARS rating

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Objective quality score: 3.50

Subscale scores:

Engagement: 3.20

Functionality: 3.75

Aesthetics: 3.17

Information: 3.90

Subjective quality score: 2.75

Perceived impact score: 3.33


Rated by: Queensland University

Date of rating: August 2016

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Expert review

Read the expert review by Jason Moehringer, PsyD

Research on the product

No specific research on the product. The company has a list of educational articles (not peer-reviewed) at

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