Mindfulness Coach

Mindfulness Coach helps to teach, guide, and track mindfulness skills for Veterans and Service Members. The app utilizes educational tools to summarize how incorporating mindfulness can alleviate both physical, emotional and/or mental stress, and its benefits when used for individuals struggling with PTSD. Mindfulness Coach emphasizes focus on the present moment in efforts to alleviate anxiety and stress, as well as cope with chronic physical pain. There are four major components (Learn, Practice, Track, Reminders) that guide the user through hands-on audio or self-guided training exercises based on personal preference. The Mindfulness Log allows tracking of behaviors per day (based on minutes of Mindfulness Activity) and is supplemented by in-app reminders to either practice or log designated behaviors. Mindfulness Coach strives to teach individuals to focus on the present moment and equip them with skills to create emotional balance despite exposure to stressful circumstances (either past or present).

Available for: iOS 8.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Company Name: VA’s National Center for PTSD, Department of Defense’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology
Classification (Type of Treatment): Mindfulness
Targeted conditions: Mood disorders
Target demographics: Adults (especially Military and Service Personnel)
Special provider necessary: No
Languages Available in: English
Where to get it: iTunes App Store

Expert ratings and reviews

PsyberGuide rating: The research and support basis of the product

Research base 0/3
Research support 2/2
Specificity of proposed intervention 2/3
Number of consumer ratings 1/3
Product advisory support 1/1
Software support 0/2

Total 6/14

date of rating:  June 2017

Explanation of the rating factors

MARS rating

Quality scores range from 1 to 5, where 5 is the maximum score


Objective quality score: 3.3

Subscale scores:

Engagement: 2.8

Functionality: 3.8

Aesthetics: 3.0

Information: 3.7

Subjective quality score: 2.8

Perceived impact score: 3.2


Rated by: Mani, M., Kavanagh, D. J., Hides, L., & Stoyanov, S. R. (2015). Review and Evaluation of Mindfulness-Based iPhone Apps. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 3(3), e82. https://doi.org/10.2196/mhealth.4328

Date of rating: August 2015

More information about the MARS scale

Expert review

No information yet.

Research on the product

Mindfulness Coach is currently lacking research through clinical trials or experimentation, however literature reviews and compilations (like the ones below) have described Mindfulness Coach as a useful tool to improve mental health through self-help apps.

Morganstein, J. (2016). Mobile Applications for Mental Health Providers. Psychiatry, 79(4), 358-363.
Hoffman, J. E., Kuhn, E., Owen, J. E., & Ruzek, J. I. (2016). Mobile Apps to Improve Outreach, Engagement, Self-management, and Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Complementary and Alternative Medicine for PTSD, 331.

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