Mindfulness Daily

Mindfulness Daily is an app designed to help users increase mindfulness throughout their daily routine in a flexible and personalized way. The home screen has three main sections: Pause, Practice, and Lifelong. ‘Pause’ provides an opportunity to do a quick 15-second breathing exercise. ‘Practice’ provides a variety of guided and non-guided meditation practices ranging from 30-seconds to 30-minutes. The ‘Lifelong’ section provides an overview of mindfulness practices and check-ins completed by the user each day. ‘Check-ins’ are for users to record their current mood, mindfulness level, and stress in the body. Additional features include customized reminders for the user to complete mindfulness practices, check-ins, or performance nudges.

Available for: iOS 7.1 or later (iPhone, iPad Pro, iPod Touch)
Company Name: INWARD Inc
Classification (Type of Treatment): Mindfulness
Targeted conditions: Stress and Anxiety
Target demographics: Adults
Special provider necessary: No
Languages available in: English
Where to get it: iTunes

Expert ratings and reviews

PsyberGuide rating: The research and support basis of the product

Research base 0/3
Research support 1/2
Specificity of proposed intervention 2/3
Number of consumer ratings 3/3
Product advisory support 1/1
Software support 0/2

Total 7/14

date of rating:  July 2017

Explanation of the rating factors

MARS rating

Quality scores range from 1 to 5, where 5 is the maximum score


Objective quality score: 3.7

Subscale scores:

Engagement: 3.2

Functionality: 4.0

Aesthetics: 4.0

Information: 3.7

Subjective quality score: 3.3

Perceived impact score: 3.5


Rated by: Mani, M., Kavanagh, D. J., Hides, L., & Stoyanov, S. R. (2015). Review and Evaluation of Mindfulness-Based iPhone Apps. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 3(3), e82. https://doi.org/10.2196/mhealth.4328

Date of rating: August 2015

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Expert review

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Research on the product

Mindfulness-based therapy has evidence as an intervention for a variety of mental health problems. A meta-analysis considering 209 studies found that Mindfulness-based therapy reduced severity of anxiety, stress and depressive symptoms amongst adults (Khoury et al., 2013). This smartphone application has not been investigated in an RCT, however a meta-analysis reviewed 15 RCTs of adults receiving workbook and audio CD or web-based self-help mindfulness or acceptance-based intervention, with no or reduced therapist support (Cavanagh et al., 2014). They found that mindfulness-or acceptance-based self-help interventions resulted in fewer anxiety and depressive symptoms as compared to the control groups.

  • Khoury B., Lecomte, T., Fortin, G., Masse, M., Therien, P., Bouchard, V., Chapleau, M.A., Paquin, K., Hofmann, S.G. (2013). Mindfulness-based therapy: a comprehensive meta-analysis. Clinical Psychology Review; 33(6): 763-771.
  • Cavanagh, K., Strauss, C., Forder, L., Jones, F. (2014). Can mindfulness and acceptance be learnt by self-help? A systematic review and meta-analysis of mindfulness and acceptance-based self-help interventions. Clinical Psychology Review, 34(2): 118-129.

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