Psyberguide Transparency Ratings

What is a Transparency Rating?

Transparency scores relate to information regarding an apps’ data storage and collection policies, and how readily available this information is to users.   A product’s transparency scores are classified as Acceptable, Questionable, or Unacceptable.

What do the scores mean?

Rating Explanation
Acceptable A product that has been scored as acceptable has an acceptable level of data transparency; the privacy policy of the product provides sufficient and easily accessible information on the policies related to data collection, storage, and exchange.
Questionable A product that has been scored as questionable has a privacy policy that is unclear or lacking specific details of policies surrounding data collection, storage, and exchange
Unacceptable A product that has been scored as unacceptable  either a) does not have a privacy policy, or a) has a privacy policy that excludes important information about data privacy, collection, storage, or exchange.